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EatAndTheCity has carefully selected a variety of restaurants close to DIS18.

Near the stately Gendarmenmarkt Plaza are many hotels, department stores, luxury brands, and large restaurants. You may want to choose a restaurant or bar with a view of the plaza. See our list of restaurants within walking distance of DIS.

If you find downtown touristy or sterile, find the cutting edge of Berlin’s culinary scene in Berlin’s famous Arts District, Mitte, just 7 minutes North by taxi or 2 stops on the U6. What is now the Mitte Arts District was East of the Wall and one of the first neighbourhoods to be occupied by artists. It’s home to some of the remaining squatted buildings as well as several of Berlin’s edgiest chefs.


Walking Distance

Beer & Fire

Our top pick for Berlin’s Center is just a few steps from the Telekom building. Meisterstück (€) offers more than 100 craft beers, including their own, with beer-friendly food from bread with vegetable dips (€6-€10) to regional meats cooked over wood fire in the dining room. Meats range from currywurst to entrecote (€8-€34), with 5 tasting flights of fire-cooked meet to share (€19-€29). Also salad.

“The Place to Be”

Berlin’s culinary grandfather is the Borchardt (€€€). A destination for visiting movie stars and politicos alike, with ornate décor and a buzzing atmosphere, you will feel you have arrived. The food ranges from schnitzel to haute cuisine for a “classic” German culinary experience — whatever that means to you.

Calm and Focused

If you need quiet, concentration, and diverse food options walk a few blocks North to Einstein unter den Linden where you can find fried chicken and beef roast alongside some interesting but hearty dishes like like winter cod with green bean seeds, and even thoughtful vegetarian dishes, “stew of red and white turnips with buckwheat dumplings and spinach” and “truffeled celery dumplings” for €17-€26.


For a bohemian Berlin atmosphere Weingalerie und Café NÖ! will bring you truffeled German pizza (flammkuchen) and other small plates at a tiny table with candles, dusty chandelier, and 20 wines by the glass. Larger dishes €9-€14, €33 for a platter of nibbles for two.

Italian Modern

Modern Italian food in a modern atmosphere is at Bocca di Bacco, where you can get linguine with clams, prawns with fennel flan, or a saddle of deer with violet potatoes and juniper sauce (€17-€40) at a spacious table in a grand, spacious room.

Meditative and healthy

If you need a solitary break, Shan’s Bistro offers healthy food “combining Berlin Joy with Persian Elegance” in a peaceful environment with a spectacular view of the Gendarmenmarkt. The menu offers everything from breakfast, smoothies, veggie burgers, to lambchops, noting organic meats and accompanied by organic wines. (Dinner mains from €12-€18.)

Next Kiez North...

Cozy & Ethical

Our top recommendation is Katz Orange, serving slow-roasted meats (“Candy on Bone”) and natural wines to “merge sustainability and gastronomy” in colorful country-lodge décor. The menu is a meditation on comfort food, from goat-cheese gratin to goose-fat french fries, à la carte €17-€24. Parties of 4 or more can order a “Feast” (€44pp).

Serene Alpine Cuisine

If you want to make a pitch, do it over perfect food in a serene atmosphere at Alpenstück (€€), which serves traditional Alpine dishes prepared using local and ethical produce. À la carte or 3-4 course menu offering classics alongside seasonal and regional dishes from €16-€24 accompanied with hand-made bread and pastry from their award-winning bakery across the street.

Swabian-Baden Bistro

If you want to feel you are at your neighborhood bistro for beer, wine, laughter, and Slow food Swabian-Baden cuisine, Schwartzwaldstuben is your place. Regional products, with their history and seasonality in classic Kässpätzle, Maulataschen, Schäufele, Schnitzel, and interesting Flammkuchen for €8-€17. Participate in the historic politics of the neighborhood by paying cash only –”for decent food, not indecent banks”.

Elegant Modern

If what you want is elegance and great food, the top spot in Berlin is Pauly Saal, with one 7-course menu for two seatings a night (€115), 600 wines, and the option to add caviar and langustine to your vegetables. Tip: There’s also a food menu served alongside “Disco Longdrinks” in the startlingly gorgeous bar from 18:00 “until late”, including lamb stew, naan, steamed buns, and sticky toffee. (€7-€14)

Creative, with Michelin Star

There are two menus a night, but only 6 tables, at Berlin’s fascinating Michelin-starred Bandol sur Mer, where there isn’t even a tablecloth between you and the chef. Tiny, unassuming atmosphere with a chalkboard menu that reads like a shopping list. Delightful and informed, fuss-free presentation. 5-10 courses for €82-€126.

Sustainability & Craftsmanship

The kiez’ third chef’s menu, with another Michelin star, is Restaurant einsunternull, taking sustainability and craftsmanship to the highest level to understand what nature around Berlin has to offer. Radically seasonal, taking inspiration from fields, meadows, and regional cuisine. You can choose 6-8 courses (€99-€119). And everything is made by hand.


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