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EatAndTheCity among the most innovative companies in the Nordics

EatAndTheCity is a Finalist for the Serendipity Challenge 2018

EatAndTheCity, offering a unique 3-sided platform combining the restaurants, media and the end users has been chosen as a finalist in Serendipity Challenge, the annually organized entrepreneurship competition and tech venue for the most innovative companies in the Nordics. The Serendipity Challenge -competition highlights entrepreneurship and the final event, culminating in the venue in Almedalen, functions most of all as a meeting point for entrepreneurs and startups to connect with business leaders, investors, media, politicians, and partners and to showcase their products and services on a public arena.

Serendipity Challenge mainly still concentrates on Swedish businesses and industry, yet is open for all future-oriented and most innovative start-ups and growth companies in the rest of the Nordics. Among the 50 finalists, those including also other three Finnish companies; Altum Technologies, Naava and Vainu, EatAndTheCity competes for being awarded as the “Startup Company of the Year”. The finals take place in Silicon Valley of Almedalen in Gotland, Sweden from the 2nd to 4th of July. The jury evaluates companies and business ideas based on their uniqueness, scalability and market potential, team competency and global applicability.

Here, we believe EatAndTheCity can stand out of the pool of participants as we notably differ from them industrywise and have a unique scalable platform with great global growth prospects.
–Ilkka O. Lavas, the CEO of EatAndTheCity

Serendipity Challenge enhances companies´ international growth plan

Being one of the finalists is a great honour for us and indicates that the global potential of our extraordinary business model has been recognized by competition organizers; revolutionizing restaurant e-commerce and media field by working with the top media around the globe.  We are proud of being able to say, that our future plans are greatly in line with Serendipity Challenge’s aim of promoting the Nordic region as a tech hub for innovative, emerging enterprises that transform, improve, and develop industries on a global level.

Our journey towards becoming a global trendsetter in restaurant e-commerce and media industry is close to its breakthrough. Winning this competition would greatly support our goal of accelerating fast growth in the future. To foster our international growth plan we are also planning to open a Series A round at the beginning of 2019.
Ilkka O. Lavas, the CEO of EatAndTheCity





EatAndTheCity is part of the City Digital corporation which consists of, for example, table booking platform TableOnline, restaurant search engine Eat.fi,
ad network Improve Media and the City Magazine. 
EatAndTheCity is a restaurant discovery platform founded in 2016 operating in several cities in Finland,
Germany and Estonia.

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