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Your main focus should be the food and your guests, not marketing.
Our tools take on a lot of the marketing for you, by creating new channels.

  • Enable diners to book table reservations online.
  • Partner with food ordering services to deliver your customers’ favorite meals at home.
  • Offer gift certificates to encourage customers to share the experience.
  • Create discount programs to increase customer loyalty.
  • Join restaurant weeks to meet new customers with special discounted menus.

Our tools integrate directly into media reviews in newspapers, magazines, and blogs to easy the journey from reading to eating.
EatAndTheCity partners with existing booking, delivery, giftcard, and loyalty aps. If you’re already partnered with these services, we hope to deliver more customers to you without you changing anything. We’ll be working behind the scenes to help you to get discovered.
If you’re not already using these systems, we offer our own to help you get into it.
Our tools also help your loyal customers to spread the word. When they register with EatAndTheCity they can map destinations, save favorites, follow favorite reviewers, share their personal restaurant guidemap, and collect loyalty points.

Get Discovered . Get Booked soon available worldwide is the most popular restaurant discovery platform in Finland. We want to give all restaurants in the world the opportunity to become part of this experience. We make it possible to bring all restaurants into one place with super search tools. Discovering new memorable places has never been more fun.
One-stop shopping for table reservations, food ordering and gift card purchasing

A seamless user experience is everything. The application engages the customer, and our state-of-the-art functionality allows customers to make table reservations, purchase gift cards or order food immediately. This one-stop shopping experience broadens the restaurant exposure in the most efficient way possible.
The best Marketing tool you can get

The cooperation with local media is the secret sauce to your restaurant’s success. For example, we enable people to reserve a table in your restaurant while reading an article about your new chef.

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With EatAndTheCity, your restaurant will be more visible than ever before. We work together with local media partners, so there is much traffic on the platform.
We integrate your restaurant on our unique discovery map and people can find you easily. We provide you with our software and your staff can receive table reservations, food orders or sell giftcards.
Cooperation Model Mechanics

Step 1:
We add your restaurant on the EatAndTheCity map

We proudly present: The EatAndTheCity map. The best restaurants in the city at one glance. Discovering new memorable places has never been more fun. Super search tools make it possible to find new memorable places. Business Lunch, value for money or user-generated reviews – whatever you need and value the most can be chosen and it shows the perfect match.

Step 2:
You receive table reservations, food orders and sell giftcards through our software.

We work together with affiliate partners. This means that if you are already member of an online service, there will be no changes for you.