Monetize the Influence of your Content
Monetize the Influence of your Content
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Food is a hot topic because it connects quality of life with healthy local economies and ecological sustainability. Readers look to trusted media for information about agriculture, nutrition, food safety, recipes, and … Dining!
Restaurant reviews and dining guides provide high value to readers. Our tools enable you to monetize the influence of your content.
Our partnerships with BookaTable, Table Online, Wolt, Deliveroo, and YoVite enable readers to make reservations, order food, and purchase gift certificates without leaving your site. Every purchase linked to your site delivers commission revenue to you.
We are always expanding our service partnerships to new reservation and delivery services, so that more of the restaurants you review will be linked to monetization systems.
What about your reviews of restaurants where reservations are not required? Our partnership with EatPass keeps you in the commission loop when readers participate in customer loyalty programs at casual restaurants.
You can also monetize your relationships with restaurants through our Restaurant Week Logistics Service.
Tools which deliver revenue to you based on your quality content also increase Reader Engagement.
If your site does not already have a Food and Dining section, we can build one for you so that you can quickly begin to access monetization and engagement tools.

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We proudly present: The EatAndTheCity EAT map. The best restaurants in the city at one
glance. Discovering new memorable places has never been more fun. Super search tools make
it possible to find new memorable places. Business Lunch, value for money or user-generated
reviews – whatever you need and value the most can be chosen and it shows the perfect match.